hey peoples

2015-01-06 21:59:13 by FustigateM

Sorry if you've been waiting for new stuff from me, honestly, im not sure how long it will take me to post new music.


I've been working on a book, which does involve new songs and such (one of the charachters is an up-and-coming "rockstar"), but im not sure if im the one who should be singing his songs. Anyways, this book has been taking up most of my creative process for the last year, so my mind has been rather preoccupied.

If you really want to hear some new stuff, or some old stuff just newly recorded, please, send me a PM. I'll responsd, even if it takes me a few weeks. My channel is not popular enough for me to get too many requests to reply to xD


I guess the real point of this message is to let ya'll know i've not stopped paying attention to this community.


peace, friends : )